I would like to give a Big Thank You to my Lord and Savior who is first in my life next to my Beautiful wife. Also to my family, friends, our growing list of supporters, voluntaries and donors who will be joining my wife and I as we prepared for this huge opportunity and journey to formerly run  for for the vacated United States Senate in the Great State of Missouri. 










“Please join my wife and I in Prayer for our country and state leaders as we begin another election cycle to elect leaders such as myself that will pledge to represent the peoples voice and protect our Freedoms of Religion, Civil Liberties, Free Speech and Rights Medical choice.  “

Dave Sims, Candidate US Senate Missouri


Dave Sims a Local Municipal Government Employee and a Former Community Radio Host. Has formerly announce his candidacy for United States Senate for the Great State of Missouri.                                        



Mr. Sims,  founder of started this somewhat grass roots organization with the intention on helping to foster direct and open dialogue with legislators while becoming a voice for people of Missouri. Yes, that’s right we believe that there is strength in numbers. Together we believe that the collective voices of the people can be so powerful on current and future issues. We hope that with you onboard to Unite America to be Strong again and make Missouri a Better place to live, work and play. 


So, be on the look out for the CONSERVATIVESMATTER.ORG teams of volunteers in your community in the coming months to help get the word out about the movement. As we make a push to get back to a people balanced approach of governing and policy making. To help politicians that understand that We the People means to be Governed for and by the people. So as we hit the ground running with the double duty to bring awareness to both Elect Dave Sims for US Senate and Our teams will be reaching out to you for your support and to hear from you about the important issue that you consider closest to your hearts. Together we will reach out to law makers at the Federal, State, and local levels to encourage them to govern as to what the people they Represent want and not what they feel.  


As I would be remised to not mention that we will also be seeking your support and resources. As always monetary donations are always a great way to support the campaign and the all ground work yet to be done. However, we also need your voices, time, venue assistance, networking, and many other resources that only supporters like yourself can provide. So Please don’t forget to  check out our Volunteer and Donations pages to support us in whatever way you can. 



 The Platform





As the President and his Administration have abandoned the ideals of American Exceptionalism. In only a few months in office. This Administration has helped to increase government spending and  increased our national debit to it’s highest levels in history. 


We believe in America as an exceptional country like no other.  That is why In our platform, we stand in agreement with fellow conservatives that have reaffirmed the principles that unite us in these common beliefs:


  • We believe as stated in Declaration of Independence by our Forefathers “We The People” we endowed by Our Creator with certain unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That the Principles and Statutes of the Constitution of the United States of America as written to be the document which we are governed. We believe in protection of our First Amendment rights of Freedom of Religion and speech. 


  • We believe in Unity of All Americans who Love our country, and desire her safety and protection from all enemies foreign and domestic. We believe in securing the United States borders from Illegal Immigration.


  • We affirm Internet Protection for Americans in stopping Cyberspace attacks to our infrastructure and companies by foreign or domestic entities. 


  • We Completely support our United States Military in their efforts to protect our nation around the world. 


  • We believe in protection of our Second Amendment rights, which grants every American Citizen the right to bear arms by and through a legal process. 


  • We Support our local Police Departments throughout our country by supplying them with the funding and resources they need to continue to keep our homes and businesses safe. 


  • We believe in growth to our economy by patronizing and supporting local businesses in their efforts of providing gainful employment to workers. 


  • We believe in Choice in Education for Parents to decide the quality of education for their children. 



 In the News …

 News -Sims Campaign: 






Biden Administration’s handling of Crisis in Afghanistan has been Complete Disaster. Because of This President miscalculated decisions, terrorist bombings has caused the  deaths of thirteen (13) of our fine young American Solders

“Because of these and many other actions, he has demonstrated he doesn’t have the ability to lead. He and his Secretary of State and Defense Secretary should resign from office immediately”. US Senator Josh Hawley has made a similar statement. 



Thank you, 

David E. Sims Candidate US Senate, Missouri 



Why I am running?


In short Folks, I am so very honored to be your US Senatorial candidate in Missouri. We are so very Blessed to have received much support from across this beautiful state. My prayer for this Christian based grassroots movement is to Unite persons from all walks of life. My fellow Americans that truly Love our country and believe that “We the People” are governed by The Constitution of the United States as stated in this precious document constructed by our Forefathers. in this period of great uncertainty, we need our government representatives and organizations in America and it territories to continue to stand for “a more perfect Union, maintain Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”, and to speak the truth In Love.

Parents should have the right to decide how to educate their children and have more than just input on how their school system are being managed. NO; district should be making curriculum without the input of parents. I believe current leadership is not following the rule of law as it was originally intended. My goal is to bring continual awareness of these actions to the American People. We believe in Religious Freedoms for the right of a person to practice in the sharing of their own religious beliefs and experiences. Along with our First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Our Second Amendment right to bear arms. I believe that government does not create but helps to foster the building and growing of our economy and helps to stimulate employment, facilities training opportunities to aide in a strong workforce, entrepreneurship and small businesses creation. Which in the end will lead to the renewed growth of America to strengthen the backbone of hardworking Americans Citizens to continue to seek after the American Dream for upward mobility and enough economic success to lead a comfortable life.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the American dream as “the ideal that every citizen of the United States should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” So, with that being said, know this a vote for Dave Sims represents your voice of change from business as usual. If we want to bring about real change and diversity in our State where the values of all Missouri Citizens matter. Well, we need your support because this type CHANGE is going to take all of us, “We the People”.

 Folks it doesn’t matter whether your democrat or republican, independent or other, Please Join Us, in the fight. Because we believe that together, we can build a “Stronger America and Better Missouri. I only pray that by the end of this campaign that we would have helped to Unite the American People to following the Statutes of the Constitution of the United States of America.


Thank you, 

Dave Sims

US Senate Candidate (Missouri)




 In 2022, Vote For Conservative Minded Leaders. Lets Keep Missouri RED.